The BTGNC Collective is open to any individuals living in the Chicago area who identify as part of the African diaspora, trans, gender questioning, and/or gender-nonconforming. We are a space for Black folks seeking resources, community, and opportunities to ask deeper questions about their gender identity as it relates to their Blackness. We prioritize membership for Chicago natives, youth, elders, hood, and disabled folks.

We define membership broadly, and strive to make opportunities for joining as accessible as possible. There are no membership fees, and events are hosted at no cost. We recognize the material, financial, and health-related limitations that keep so many Black, trans and gnc people out of organizing spaces, and work with each of our members to define what commitment to our collective looks like for them on an individual basis.

Structurally, we are comprised of a base of core organizers, and our larger membership which plugs in and participates when and however they can. We host regular open meetings in which those interested in joining can learn more about our Principles and Commitments and what it means to be a part of our collective.

Follow us on social media, or contact us directly, to learn about upcoming opportunities to join BTGNC!